Our care is individual and based on a comprehensive assessment.

This assessment is a multi tool and it is essential because it give us a small picture of our future residents, and allow us to create a service plan appropriate for each individual; also it is a communication tool between family members and ourselves, because it describes the stage of that particular individual at the time of the assessment, everybody involved with the senior’s care have an opportunity to provide imput this allow everyone to have the same goal and plan of care.

The assessment is revised every twelve month or as needed if significant changes occur.

The assessment is required before admission to our home.

Assessment Includes:

  1. Recent medical history.
  2. Current prescribed medications, and side effects.
  3. Medical diagnosis by a licensed medical professional.
  4. Significant known behaviors or symptoms that may cause concern or require special care.
  5. Evaluation of cognitive status, in order to determine the individual’s current level of functioning. (This includes an evaluation of disorientation, memory impairment, and impaired judgment). 
  6. History of depression and anxiety.
  7. History of mental illness.
  8. Social physical and emotional strengths and needs.
  9. Functional abilities in relationship to activities of daily living including: eating, toileting, ambulating, transferring, positioning, specialized body care, personal hygiene, dressing, bathing and management of own medication.
  10. Preferences and choices regarding daily life that are important to the person (including, but not limited to, such preferences as the type of food that the person enjoys, what time he or she likes to eat, or when he or she likes to sleep).
  11. Preferences for activities. 
  12. A preliminary service plan.